MARIO + RABBIDS SPARKS OF HOPE | 3D Renders & Screenshots

One year has passed since we revealed the game, and I had the chance to work on so many assets since then. Here are all our latest 3D posings that we did for the Game !
As a Senior Brand Marketing Artist, I was in charge of creating the Marketing Art Direction & its assets, directing all the visual's concepts, doing most of the 3D poses, lighting, rendering, editing, etc. As well as some game Screenshots of course ! :)

Many thanks to the Marketing Team & everybody who contribute to the realization of those visuals.
Special shoutout to Marie Gelebart, but also Laurine, Adrien, Alexandre, Julien & Elia for everything they did for the project, and to Gaël Chauvet for her work on a lot of those posings.
Screenshots by Marie & Yves, as beautiful as they are thanks to the incredible Teams at Ubisoft Paris & Milan who work hard to make this game a reality !

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